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2006 World Morgan Futurity

The 2006 World Morgan Futurity jackpots were the largest ever in the history of the Futurity. 2006 was the first year that the AMHA/WMF Stallion Service Auction added funds to the jackpots. Forty percent of the proceeds went to the World Morgan Futurity, with 40 percent going to AMHA for Marketing and Promotion and 20 percent going to Regional Horse Shows. Approximately $83,000 was raised at the Stallion Service auction. The auction not only gives the winning Futurity horses a bonus payout, but also the owners of the sires and dams. Starting in 2007, the resulting foals of the services purchased at this auction will be eligible for additional money (on top of the regular Futurity money and the SSA bonus), if they win a Futurity class. This will start in 2009 with a jackpot of $10,000. Combine that with the regular Futurity money and those yearlings will be eligible for prize money around $18,000. If no one wins, they are eligible the next two years for the jackpot and each year $5,000 is added to the jackpots.

This year $31,000 from the SSA, was added to the jackpots. $2,000 was given to nominate the top 10 stallions to the World Morgan Futurity. An additional $12,000 was added for the dams of winning Futurity get, if the futurity entry’s sire was in the AMHA/WMF Stallion Service Auction. This money came from the 2006 WMF Trainers and Publications auction. A record total of $242,700 was given out this year in the World Morgan Futurity. In addition to the prize money, the winners received a RaDon sheet as they have for the past 15 years sponsored by RaDon.

The 2005 class of yearlings took home a jackpot of $51,500 with bonus money. Winning yearlings earned $5,000 with sires and dams winning $500 each from the Futurity. All three yearlings’ sires were in the 2006 Stallion Service Auction, so an additional $1,550 went to the winning horse, $1,240 went to the winning sire and $1,200 went to the winning dam, plus a bonus of $310 for the trainers of these horses. The big winner in the yearling division was Aljaks Double Jeopardy, who won the World Morgan Futurity Yearling Gelding class. His sire and dam automatically win $500 from the World Morgan Futurity. Aljaks Double Whammy was in the 2006 Stallion Service Auction, making him eligible to win bonus money, with Century Oaks Denali, dam of Double Jeopardy eligible for the dam’s bonus money. Ken Martin was the owner and trainer. Congratulations to the Martin family for winning over $10,000. Reserve World Champion in the yearling classes won a total of $3,000. $35,600 was awarded for the regular Futurity jackpots, $3,000 for sires and dams of the yearlings and the bonus of $12,900 being added from the SSA, for a total of $51,500 for yearlings.

Starting two years ago, the Futurity changed the percentages of the distribution of prize money, with more money being held back for the two and three-year-old years. This year this percentage change was really noticed with the two and three-year-olds winning more money than previously. Two-Year-Old World Champions, in all five two-year-old classes, took home $3,500 with four out of the five World Champions receiving bonus money from the AMHA/WMF Stallion Service Auction. Adding on the $1,550 for the winning world champions, $1,240 to the sires and $1,200 gave such horses as SpringMill New Harmony, owned by John and Patti Huse a bonus of $3,990, plus the regular Futurity money, making their take home $7,490. Reserves in the two-year-old classes earned $2,250. The WMF jackpot in the two-year-old division was $45,100, with SSA additional monies of $17,200 giving the Two-Year-Olds Futurity money of $62,300.

The three-year-old WMF division had world champions winning $3,100 in the World Champion Futurity classes, and reserve world champions earning $2,000. An additional three out of the seven world champions had their sires in the Stallion Service Auction, giving an additional $12,900 to the three world champions. A total of $68,900 was awarded to the three-year-old division of the World Morgan Futurity.

The four-year-old alumni division continues to grow. This year 15 alumni horses won a Grand National Championship and for their $250 investment in alumni money, with an additional investment of $150 per class, it paid off in winnings to the tune of $1,700. Reserve Grand National Champions took home $1,200, which was still a very good investment. Eight horses won second place finishes and 11 horses won third place honors. In the four-year-old alumni division $60,000 in payouts were awarded.

The World Morgan Futurity would like to congratulate all the owners who participate in the World Morgan Futurity and thank the trainers and publications that donate to the WMF Trainer and Publications Auction at Oklahoma City. This bonus money allows World Futurity to reward the dams of offspring and to give bonus money to the alumni division.

The World Futurity also teamed up with Corcel in 2006 to sell seat covers in stable colors that was a nice addition to the coliseum seating. This successful promotion also added $3,000 to the alumni division. All in all, the World Morgan Futurity had its largest year ever, giving out a total of $242,700. In 2007 the World Morgan Futurity has set its sights on giving out $250,000 or more! Join the World Morgan Futurity today. Nominations are accepted for 2006 weanlings, along with their sires and dams, the month of December. Contact Barb Rudicel at or call (765) 288-3558 for further information.

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