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The Sales REPORT

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Apollon's Heir Sold
Arrowhead's Priceless Sold
Arrowhead's Salem Magic
Arrowhead's Soldier Elite Sold
Attache's American Patriot
Buttons And Bow Ties
Callaway's Can't You See
Callaway's Enhanced Chance Sold
CH Arrowhead's Up All Night
CH Don't Mention It Sold
CH Man Of Magic Sold
CH My Royale Prince Sold
CH North Charleston
CH Simbara's Cup Of Sugar
Deputy's Rock And Roll
Doubletrees Sayin' It All
Evangelical Sold
Fox Grape's At First Sight
Heartland Seriously
Heartland Velvet Touch
Heaven's Fortune Sold
Heir's Black Jack Sold
HS A Kissing Bandit
I was Charmed
ICM It's Miller Time
Just Surpize Me Sold
Landmark's Finish Line
Lyle Lovett
Man On First
Mix It Up Sold
My Boogie Nights
My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
My Irresistible Charm
Mykonos Sold
Nirvana Queen
No Woman No Cry
Nothin' But Charm
Palisades Margarita
Ridgewood's Lucky Chucky
Santana's Starflight
Say Yes To Success Sold
Sedona Louise Sold
She's My Delilah RAF
Slightly Overdressed
Split Image Sold
Stacks On Deck Sold
Starmaker's Hakuna Matati
Super Scandal
Swing Man
The Big House Sold
The Last Brownie
Tipsy Parson Sold
Undulata's Lover Boy
Undulata's Power Broker Sold
Undulata's Rockafella ERB
Undulata's Saturday Night
Undulata's Striking Platinum
Vanity Blue
Winter Is Coming
Wintersby Sold
With This Rose
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