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The Sales REPORT

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A Lasting Legacy
A Touch Of Minx Sold
Aljaks Time After Time
Aloha Kiss NKF
Another Wish
Answer To A Prayer Sold
Arrowhead's Queen Of Country
Bermuda Schwartz
Best Of What's Around
Billionheir Stock
Braveheart SC
Broadway Playwright Sold
CH Don't Know Nuttin'
CH Holy Tequila
CH I Rock Tom Ford
CH Nuttin' Innocent
CH Perfect Elizabeth
CH Ridin' The Storm Out
Cherrydale Above And Beyond
EAC American Revolution
Emerald's Blue Storm
Feel The Fury Sold
Get Rockin
Glory Halleloo
Gwen Stefani
Hard To Handle
Heartland Drumbeat
He's My Justification Sold
High Remarcs
Hollywood Blackout
HS Technical Knockout
HVK Top Man
Im Swingin Sold
Jayne Mansfield
La Le Soleil
Lahars Star Runner
Lakeview's Rumor Has It
Ledyard Under The Stars
Lighter Than Heir
Look I'm Dancing
Majestic's Trust Me
MBA's Moma Lisa
Midd's Sebastian
Miss Meredith Grey Sold
Miss Moira Rose
Monnington Charisma
Monnington Sebastian Coe
Muy Bien Sold
My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Naughty Guy Sold
Nobody Knows
Nut Too Salty Sold
Nuttin' But Royalty
Nuttin' But Royalty
Our Northern Belle
Parker Twenty-Four
Photographic Memories
Reedann's Talk About Me
Revival Prince
Sean Connery
SH The Conversation
She's Alata Blondie
Signature Cocktail
Sinner's Prayer
Sir Robert Royse
SSL Dynamic Design
Star's Heavenly Heir Sold
State Of Nirvana
Stay In Your Lane
Stock Girl
Stone Gate's Iron Man
Sylvanhall's Nuttin' But Class
The Good Life
The Lime And The Coconut
They Call Me Brutus Sold
Thurston Howell III
Too Hot To Kiss
Tropical Kiwi
Tsunami Sue
Undulata's Christmas In Colorado
Undulata's Fannie May
Walterway's Meant To Be
What Tan Lines Sold
Wingswept Destined To Be A Star
Yes Please