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  • Special April 07, 2021

    Sunrise Stables: Supporting The Breed 16 Babies At A Time in 2021

    Melissa Moore hasher hands full. It’s early spring and foaling season and the babies are arriving. Moore’s 60 acre property in the heart of the bluegrass is full of horses and full of promise. There were 18 mares bred for the 2021 season and at the time of my visit, there were 14 more mares waiting outside to come in for foaling...

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  • Special April 19, 2021

    A Slice of Heaven Here on Earth: Rand

    On a glorious spring day in York, Maine, customers from near and far gathered at the picturesque, 20-acre Sheaff er Farm belonging to David Rand and Jason Douglass where an array of champion Morgans (and a Saddlebred or two) are trained and developed. Also inhabiting the pastures of this beautiful property are the likes of llamas, peacocks, burrows, and goats, all to the delight of their sons, Parker and Presley Rand...

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  • Foals N Focus April 26, 2021


    As we get deeper into foaling season, the pictures keep coming from all across the country and the cuteness factor remains off the charts...

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