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  • Special July 22, 2021

    The Excellence of Equitate

    Neither Sheri Brandl nor Mark Bodnar pictured themselves forging careers as professional horse trainers. Though they each had a deep passion for the industry, neither set out to become professionals in the Saddlebred and Morgan world...

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  • Special July 07, 2021

    Gerhardt Roos: Rising To the Forefront of the Saddlebred Industry

    During a trip to Alliance Stud in early 2012,Saddlebred exhibitor Aubrey Lambert had the opportunity to speak with the late Dr. Scott Bennett. It was during their discussion when Bennett praised a particular trainer who was working at his facility...

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  • Special June 23, 2021

    Connecticut Morgan remembers Lance Wetmore

    From the time Lance was a young man, he was always involved with horses. Not being from a horse family, Lance taught himself how to ride and, with the help of Johnny Kriz, he found his way into the horse world. He started showing Parade horses, Roadster horses and ponies, and Palominos...

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  • Special June 15, 2021

    Bill Wise Turns 90: ASHA Names The Sweepstakes Program After Him

    William D. “Bill” Wise, or Daddy Bill as most of us close to him call him, has been a horseman’s horseman since he was a child. He carried that talent and persona through decades as a top professional and even into his retirement years he finds ways to tinker with a colt or two, in addition to helping both individuals and associations with the wisdom that comes with a lifetime spent in the business...

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  • Special June 01, 2021

    Blue Meadows Farm Opening

    With the tumultuous 2020 year behind us, two young Saddlebred trainers began the new year with a new training operation. Nick Kinsinger and girlfriend Lauren Brannon joined forces and opened the doors to their Blue Meadows Farm in March.

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  • Special June 08, 2021

    The Magic of Maggi

    Unlike most children who spend their young life longing for a pony of their own, Merin Maggi was given one on a whim.

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