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  • Special October 28, 2021

    Horse World VIProfile: James and Holly Nichols

    Over the years, longtime supporters of the saddlebred industry, James and Holly Nichols, have contributed to the show horse community in many ways. James has been involved with American Saddlebreds for over 40 years as a trainer, owner, breeder and exhibitor...

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  • Special September 29, 2021

    Obituary – Harold Cochran

    Harold Cochran passed away August 16,2021 surrounded by his wife Penny and daughter Kylee Cochran David and her husband Mike. A celebration of his life was held in his longtime home town of West Middlesex, Pennsylvania on September 11, which was attended by many of his friends from the horse business and from throughout his life...

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  • Special September 29, 2021

    Jerome Parker: A View from Center Ring

    Jerome Parker was born to be a ringmaster. A third-generation member of a distinguished family of horsemen and a trainer for 25 years, he has a wealth of experience to draw on each time he steps onto the shavings. 

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  • Special August 21, 2021

    A Beautiful Way to Live

    We all dream about being able to retire in that special place. People dream of the beach, the mountains, maybe a small town on the Amalfi Coast. For horse owners, they also make plans for their four-legged family when their show or lesson career comes to a close and that is where Heather DiGiannantonio’s BellaVia Stables comes in...

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  • Special August 17, 2021

    High Caliber Stables: A High Quality Experience

    its simplest form, the famed High Caliber Stables began with High Caliber. However, the name isn’t referring to the high quality of horses and riders who have reached the pinnacle of success under the direction of head trainers Mary and Evan Orr...

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