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USEF Names 2006 Top 10 Show Secretaries

In recognition of the thankless job of show secretary, the United States Equestrian Federation has named the inaugural list of Top 10 Show Secretaries. The rankings were based on criteria developed by the Federation and the Sports Data department. The Top 10 secretaries selected from all breeds and disciplines were lauded for their dedication to providing complete results, responding promptly to queries from the USEF Sports Data department and providing additional information.


“The secretaries all went above and beyond,” said Diana Popp, Director of Sports Data for USEF. “They were also always pleasant, no matter what pressure they have been under. Plus, they gave good suggestions to make the process easier for both Sports Data and other secretaries in the field.”

Of the Top 10, two are familiar names and faces to the Saddle Horse world. Beth Snider was ranked number two for her work in the Saddlebred, Hackney and roadster show world. Joyce Wilson, with the help of her teammate, Barbara Woodlief, was placed number 10 for her secretarial duties at the multi-breed shows, including Saddlebreds, Morgans and Hackneys.

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