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Special Awards Presented at Tampa Charity

(Editor’s note: The following presentations were read by Peter Fenton at the
Tampa Charity Horse Show.)


Lifetime Achievement Award


Ann Buxton (5th from right) (photo credit: Howie Schatzberg)


The Tampa Bay Area Horsemen are pleased to be able to honor a very special person in the Morgan horse world tonight.


In 1970, Ann Buxton established her Morgan farm, Freedom Acres, in the outskirts of Tampa. Freedom Acres gradually grew to become one of the most successful Morgan show barns in Florida and in the southeastern region. Ann’s achievements range from innumerable show honors including regional and world champions. Her discerning eye has been a valuable guide for students and horses, helping many find their way not only to the winner’s circle, but also to careers involving the Morgan horse.


In 1994, she made the decision to retire her show barn in order to pursue carriage driving with her beloved Morgans. With her love of sharing both her knowledge and her Morgans, retirement did not last for long! She quickly became surrounded by willing students who became involved in carriage driving. Ann had no choice but re-enter the show world. Ann is responsible for bringing along successful drivers that have competed in the show ring, combined driving events, driven dressage and obstacles. Presently, Ann coaches several ridden dressage competitors as well.


Morgan people like to brag about how the versatile Morgan can do it all. With Ann Buxton we need to brag that our trainers are as versatile as our horses! We are proud to be able to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to our friend and mentor tonight.  Please lend a round of applause for Ann Buxton.



Director’s Cup For Good Sportsmanship By A Professional


Blair Redlhammer (holding Cody) (photo credit: Howie Schatzberg)


At age seven, Blair Reynolds began her riding career with lessons from Martha Neilander in Boca Raton, moving onto lessons with Wilbur Leonard Stables in Delray Beach a year later.


Blair’s first horse was an Arabian mare name Hal-Gazzele and shortly she moved on to her first Saddlebred, Northern Captain, while she was riding with Mary Jane Curtis. In Blair’s first trip to the World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Ky., she was so proud to earn an eighth place ribbon.


Blair’s second trip to Louisville was in 1992 with J.R. Ragsdale and her country pleasure horse, Tsunami. She and Tsunami returned the following year and she received a seventh place ribbon. It was this same year, 1993, that her mom and dad purchased the property now known as R Farm in Boca Raton and the rest is history.


Blair graduated from high school and began her training career. She has been showing at Tampa Charity since 1989. She has enjoyed much success in numerous divisions since then.


Blair married Luke Redlhammer in 2003 and soon came their pride and joy, Cody, in 2005.


Co-chairs of this year’s Tampa Charity Horse Show, Cris Gard and Jane McIver, present the 2007 Director’s Cup for Good Sportsmanship by a Professional to Blair Reynolds Redlhammer.



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