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Orchestra Ushers In Thursday’s World Champions

The competition at the Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show stepped on Thursday with 17 new world champions crowned. The evening session in the coliseum featured an orchestra above the winner’s circle followed by some memorable spotlight victory passes. The evening session closed out with HVK Ancient Cry and Helen Crawford enjoying their third consecutive Ladies Park Harness World Championship won in unanimous fashion. Nancy Hendricks was on cloud nine as she drove Dragonsmeade Carnaros to the unanimous victory in the Amateur Masters Pleasure Driving. It was celebration time at Peeper Ranch as MEM Twisted Sister and Lynn Begalla drove away with the roses from an outstanding Ladies Pleasure Driving World Championship. The evening session began with Lance Wetmore maneuvering Wintergreen Sultana to the Carriage Obstacles World Championship.


Seven world championships were contested during the afternoon session in the coliseum along with several entertaining qualifiers. The first world title went to Med-E-Oka French Morocco and Maxine Kenny as they bested the Junior Exhibitor Classic Pleasure Saddle 14-17 division. L.A. Ricochet and Annie Thurber were the best of the best in the Junior Exhibitor English Pleasure 13 & Under. Diablo In Red sported the red roses in the Four-Year-Old Park Harness with Mike Carpenter on the lines for Mendonhall Inc. The largest field came in the Junior Exhibitor English Pleasure 14-17 with the 28-entries paired down to a 12-horse workout with Natasha Rodley and QVM Rocket Man taking the honors back to Great Britain. A promising field of Four-Year-Old English Pleasure World Champion competitors saw the lovely Queen’s Fancy Me and David Rand rise to the top for Queen’s River Farm. SLB Puccini (HVK Bell Flaire x Dancity Gracious Remark) and Debi Jeppesen carried the roses back to Sherry Bartolucci in the World Futurity Three-Year-Old Park Saddle Championship. The Junior Exhibitor Park Saddle World Championship was the final world title of the afternoon and Alyssa Wick earned the honors aboard Jane Steffenhagen’s HyLee’s Goldsmith under the direction of Kenny Guell.


The first world title of the day belonged to Ashley Carkin and WRS Status Quo as they jogged away with the inaugural Walk-Jog Western Pleasure World Championship. Daryl Hopson directed Harlington’s Farquar down victory lane as the Three-Year-Old Western Pleasure World Champion for Linda Staples. While the performance classes were taking place in the coliseum, young riders were battling for supremacy in ring 6 in the equitation division. Kate Brightwell continued an amazing week as she topped 20 riders to be named Junior Hunt Seat Equitation World Champion. A total of 43 riders competed for the honors in the Senior Hunt Seat Equitation World Championship as the class was divided into two section with all riders performing rail work and patterns with a final workout on the rail for those selected, and in the end it was Jordan Cusumano who earned this monumental victory.


During the afternoon, the trail horses competed for their world titles with two of the breeds winningest versatile performers earning the top honors as I Love Lucy and Grace Jacobus collected the English Trail World Championship with UVM Windfall and Lora Dunlap picking up the Western Trail World Championship. Ring 6 competition concluded quite late as the Western Seat Equitation World Championships were followed by the UPHA Challenge Cup Preliminaries. In the Western Seat, Kelsie Houghtaling jogged away with the Junior title, while Kali Erin Hutchinson again bested the field in the Senior division. For complete Thursday results, **CLICK HERE**.


Seen at Thursday’s Grand National:


Nancy Hendricks and Dragonsmeade Carnaros
enjoyed the spotlight drive in the Amateur
 Masters Pleasure Driving World Championship.

The Parade class featured tremendous crowd 
support for HVK Port Rush and Steve DeBolt
as they won the class in unanimous fashion.


Lance Wetmore was the winning whip
in the Carriage Obstacles World Championship
as he drove Wintergreen Sultana to the honors.


Lily Artz and Con-sider Me Special
were the adorable winning team i
n the Walk-Trot Classic Pleasure
9 & Under competition.


Bellisimo and Whitney Hazen teamed up for
 the winning drive in the Youth Park Harness
to add to the tricolor PlayMor Farm banner.


Stonecroft Tribute entertained the crowd
with his first performance of the week
to win the Three-Year-Old Pleasure Driving
Stallions & Geldings with Jim Taylor.


Mattie Willard and Roadshow Texas Playboy
had quite a cheering section as they topped
the Walk-Trot Classic Pleasure 10 & 11.


Kurt Hufferd directed SpringMill Sequel
and John Huse down victory lane in the
Amateur Masters Park Harness competition.


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