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New Event Planned for Syracuse International

The 34th annual Syracuse International Horse Show is excited to announce a new event – The Ringside Affaire.


First of all the Ringside Affaire Sale Class is an opportunity for owners and trainers to market young prospects, show ring veterans, lesson horses, academy horses, or practice horses that are for sale. Each horse will be allowed 2 minutes in the ring. Owners are responsible to provide music, a description of the horse and contact information that the announcer will read. The music needs to be on a CD, and written information should be submitted to the horse show office by Tuesday, June 26th, 2007. The class is scheduled as the last class on Wednesday evening, number 59.

The Ringside Affaire will take place during the Ringside Affaire Class on Wednesday night to encourage people to be in the coliseum to view the horses that are for sale.


Tables will be set up behind the boxes and people will be able to roam and socialize while watching the horses. The horse show will provide wine and cheese, and barns and owners are invited to participate by decorating a table in any way they would like. We invite you to set up your own food, paper products and utensils and have fun sampling the food from all of your fellow exhibitors. Serving will begin at 8:00 pm.


Tables will be provided by the horse show; set-ups need to be completed after the morning session and prior to the evening session so that the horses are not disrupted by loud noises and such. Please notify the Horse Show Office or a Horse Show Committee Member that you will need a table at your box if you plan on decorating and serving refreshments. The show will be happy to accommodate. Have fun creating your space and food!

The 34th annual Syracuse International Horse Show is being held June 27 – 30 at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY. For more information about The Ringside Affaire see Page Two of the prize list or visit the show’s web site at  For more information about the show,
contact Naomi Blumenthal at (315) 682-1933 or e-mail or Julie Kritzler at (315) 736-1928 or e-mail  


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