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National Academy Championship Finals

The National Academy Championship Finals is venturing in a new direction. Along with providing children and adults with an exciting and fulfilling horse show experience, the Finals are hosting the first “My First Show Horse Preview.” Twenty-five out of 100 trainers have been selected to present horses that fall into the first show horse category for consideration on Friday, Nov. 3, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. at the Miller Coliseum, Murfreesboro, Tenn. Mr. Bill Carrington will MC this exciting event. The individual trainers or riders will show the horses in the viewing arena in show appearance. All guests attending will be seated with food and drinks, cash bar will be available and given a preview pamphlet listing the horses’ and trainers’ information. The individuals and trainers viewing the horses will have access to the stabling area enabling them to talk directly to the owners and trainers of the selected horses. Twenty-five to 40 horses are expected to be previewed. These trainers have been selected because they represent consistent quality, manners and honesty. Only horses that are ready for a first-time horse owner are asked to be exhibited. The horse being considered for this venue will fall into categories of three-gaited, five-gaited, equitation and pleasure. The horse will be shown in accordance to price: under $10,000, $10,000-25,000, $25,000-50,000 and $50,000 and above.

The entries for last year’s competition were a record 748. That means there is an average number of 2,244 non-horse owning individuals, children, parents and grandparents attending the two-day competition. There was an average of 37 trainers attending from Nebraska to Florida. After speaking with the trainers about this idea, they stated each trainer averaged two individuals who were ready to buy their first horse after this competition with a deadline of before Christmas. With the numbers on the low end of these values, this means there will be at least 72 people looking to buy a first show horse at this competition.

The Finals hope you see the potential in this venture as they are very excited for this rare opportunity of providing sellers with committed buyers and buyers a selection of quality sale horses in one evening.

The National Academy Horse Show wants no commission for the sale of any horses; it is the responsibility of the trainers to stand behind their statements of the horses brought to this event. The Board of Directors is united in the idea of trying to incorporate the horse trainers with the opportunities of the academy industry. For more information, contact Joyce Webster at (256)773-2182 or e-mail at

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