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Miracle Farm Recovery Fund

On Monday, June 15, Southern California was rocked by a magnitude-5.7 earthquake. Dan Flowers and two of his assistants were hauling horses to the Del Mar Charity Fair Horse Show when the earthquake hit. Flowers lost control of the vehicle and the truck and trailer flipped. Flowers and his assistants were able to get out of the truck and save eight of the nine horses before the vehicle caught fire. The truck and trailer became engulfed in flames. Life's A Dance ERB, belonging to Chris Tresten, tragically perished in the fire. Two other horses, Nancy Moreno's Likely Suspect and Jamey Pippert's James Stewart, are in a Del Mar veterinary clinic being treated for burns. The remaining six horses are healthy and are being cared for at the horse show.

Flowers also lost all of the tack and clothing being transported on the trailer. World Champion Horse Equipment has set up an account called the Miracle Farm Recovery Fund. Customers can call in and contribute to the fund which Flowers can then use to purchase items at a discount that they need in their recovery. Dan Flowers now has a temporary phone number and can be reached at 979-702-9488.

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