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Help Support Our Industry

There is more to Saddlebred Rescue than meets the eye.  Yes, the goal is to keep Saddlebreds, Morgans and Hackney ponies from going to slaughter but the goal is also to help the overall industry with those same horses.  Saddlebred Rescue defines the industry as trainers, vets, farriers, photographers, shippers, farmers, tack shops and on and on all the way to the farmer who raises the feed.   All of the 200+ horses saved from slaughter are helping the show horse industry in some way or another.  The vast majority have been placed in the lesson programs of over 50 stables around the country and, as is well-known, lessons are the key to bringing people into the industry, which in turn helps everyone sell horses and earn a living.  Even if those lesson riders never buy a show horse, they can provide homes for those horses that don’t make it to the show ring. Those horses may ultimately be trail horses, personal pleasure horses or go to small shows… bringing people into the industry.  Just because somebody buys an inexpensive horse initially doesn’t mean they won’t buy that next expensive one in the future.

Saddlebred Rescue is pleased to offer note cards available for purchase featuring our treasures.  Funds raised thru this effort will support SBR’s activitiess. 

Eight cards plus envelopes are available for purchase for $20 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling.  Checks should be made payable to Saddlebred Rescue Inc and mailed to
4 Westview Dr., Blairstown, NJ 07825.

The next time you see an article in a publication about SBR’s efforts, take a few minutes and read it.  All of the major publications are supporting SBR’s efforts thru the articles they publish about SBR.

Your support of Saddlebred Rescue’s efforts is a key part of this fine organization helping our industry as a whole.  Please be generous as the next horse they save could be yours or result in the future sale of that top show horse.  Visit Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. at


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