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Exciting News for Morgan Owners and Breeders

The American Morgan Horse Association now has its registry online and has entered into an agreement with Saddle Horse Report to provide access to the AMHA registry for SHR’s Breeders REPORT.

As with Saddlebreds and Hackneys, the Breeders REPORT for Morgans is a new high point program designed to recognize the sires that are turning out the most successful offspring in the show ring.

In each of SHR’s high point categories, the points earned by each horse are attributed to his or her sire. Those points accumulate by category and by division so that you can see who has sired, for example, the best English Pleasure horses.

Finally, that information is compiled across all the categories to give you the overall results. It’s a great way to see who the top producing sires are, ranked in order by the success of their offspring in the show ring!

Names of horses show in red until the pedigree information is entered. Because we are starting the Morgan Breeders REPORT so far into the 2007 show season, it will take our staff several weeks or possibly months to catch up completely. We are starting with results from the regional shows and will then enter other Morgan results in chronological order beginning at the start of the 2007 show season.

PLEASE DO NOT send your Morgan horse’s pedigree information to our office if its name is showing up in red. We will get to every horse in due time. We appreciate your patience and are excited to bring this new research tool to our Morgan owners and breeders.

To read more about the Breeders REPORT, click here.

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