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Equitation Instructors of the Year Named

When the time came to make plans for Scott and Carol Matton to attend the UPHA/AHHS Convention, Carol simply couldn’t find the time to attend. There was so much to do at home; horses to be worked, lessons to be taught and getting things back to normal after the holidays. She urged her husband Scott to attend but dug her heels in and simply wasn’t going to leave the farm.

Eventually, the UPHA got desperate and told her that she had to come because Scott was being given an award. Unbeknownst to Scott, she made her arrangements to attend the convention, thinking that she would surprise him by being there.

When Kim Crumpler took the podium, Scott Matton never thought a thing about it. Seeing some of his customers and friends in the room still didn’t set off any signals. What Scott didn’t know was that Carol was in the back of the room surrounded by many, many friends and customers. Kim Crumpler said it best: “Scott, you couldn’t get Carol to come, but I did!”

Believing that Scott was going to receive a much deserved award that night, Carol had made arrangements to be there and stayed hidden from Scott until the very last minute.

What Carol didn’t know was that Scott wasn’t the only one being honored on this night. When Scott stood up and saw her with the group at the back of the room, Kim Crumpler announced to them both that the Equitation Instructor of the Year Award for 2004 was being presented to Scott AND Carol Matton.

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