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Cronan Not Reappointed to Fair Board


Mary Anne Cronan served as the American Saddlebred Horse Association’s representative to the Kentucky State Fair Board for the past nine years. Although Cronan was appointed to serve her current four-year term on January 18, 2001, it was announced just this week by Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher that she was not being reappointed to another term. 


According to Alan Balch, Executive Secretary of the ASHA, the position is described and covered in state law. In summary, the Governor appoints a person from a list of six candidates provided to him by the ASHA.  He must appoint one of those six. 


The Governor's office has asked the ASHA to submit a new list for his consideration, now that Cronan has not been reappointed.


Balch said that the leadership of ASHA - its Executive Committee, to all meetings of which the entire board is invited - will consider this matter at its next meeting. The meeting will be held sometime over the next couple of weeks, when everyone's schedule will allow.  The ASHA Executive Committee includes Fred Sarver, Misdee Wrigley, Mary Anne Cronan, Mary Ann Pardieck, and David Howard.

A full board meeting, which requires longer notice, also will be scheduled as soon possible to ensure that all directors have the opportunity to participate in the process of selecting nominees.


In response to the news, ASHA President Fred Sarver issued the following statement, "Mary Anne Cronan has served with great distinction on the Kentucky State Fair Board of Directors for two terms, having been nominated by the American Saddlebred Horse Association for her seat.  Of course, we're very disappointed that she wasn't reappointed, since she was unanimously recommended by our directors to serve again. 


“Everyone who is devoted to Saddlebreds owes Mary Anne a great debt of gratitude for her tireless commitment to our breed, her selfless devotion to the Kentucky State Fair, and her rock-solid integrity.  Fortunately for all of us, she's just been re-elected to the ASHA board for another term, and will continue to serve as a vice president of the ASHA.  We're so appreciative that all her great qualities will continue to serve the breed and the ASHA very well."

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