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CH I’m An Angel Dies Unexpectedly


Editor’s note: The following note was posted today by Kristen Shiflet on the Internet and is reprinted with her permission.


“It is with a heavy heart that I report that CH I'm An Angel died last night. She was 22 and in great shape. Never sick one day since we have known her. It looks as though she lay down to sleep with all her friends around her.

“Those who know her know what a special horse she was. She was a very special part of my family. She carried my sister, Stevie, to numerous world's championships and gave our family five beautiful foals out of her. We just had a filly born Saturday out of her (via embryo transfer) and we are expecting her last foal by Sir William Robert in a few weeks (also via embryo transfer). Her first foal to be shown, The Rein Dancer, just won the junior fine harness class with Harrison Shiflet at ASAC.

“While we are sad that she is gone, she lived a wonderful life, and was always in the hands of people that loved her. I'm glad we were able to spend her last years with her.

We will miss you Angel!”



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