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Broadmoor Christmas Party

Submitted by Suzy Lucine


On Dec. 1, Mike Goebig and Dwayne Knowles hosted their annual Christmas party. Their great room and closed-in porch provided a festive gathering place for more than 60 family members, friends and clients. The festive event was catered by Lee Gribbons, and Knowles decorated with a retro theme. The decorations continued out into the formal tack room and stabling area.        

Clients and friends traveled from as far away as Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina and Vermont. Several made it a weekend getaway so they could watch their horses work or get in a practice ride or drive during the off-season. As in past years, once this event was over, many went on to a popular dance club in Allentown and danced until the wee hours of the morning.

(Photos by Suzy Lucine and Greg Knowles)



Dwayne Knowles and Mike Goebig

in the brilliantly decorated porch.


Robert, Geoff and Stacey Foster enjoyed

their first Broadmoor party along with

longtime clients Tara Good and Linda Brewer.


Two of Broadmoor’s veterinarians

and friends, Dr. Johanna Andrews

and Dr. Wayne Hachten.


Dorothy and Albert Melly


Dr. Lin Brewer and hubby Tony

enjoying a break in the action.


From left: Debbie Dalton, Brittany White,

Kathy Gutting and Kelly Nadlar enjoyed

the festive time at the party.


Mike and Dwayne share some

holiday cheer with Sharon Picus







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