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Arizona National Horse Show Announcements

The Arizona National Horse Show is very pleased to again offer a 2 day Saddlebred Horse Show at the 2008 horse show. The Saddlebred portion of the show will be held January 5-6, 2008 at Westworld of Scottsdale. The Arizona National Horse Show has long been part of Arizona National events and since 1998, when we moved the events to the WestWorld equine complex in Scottsdale, the Horse Show has experienced significant growth.


The Saddlebred portion of the horse show is pleased to announce the addition of a Morgan horse section including English Pleasure, Hunter and Pleasure Driving classes. A Roadster pony class and stake class has also been added for 2008. In the Academy Division additional age splints will be offered to accommodate the growth in Arizona’s Saddlebred lesson programs.


The Arizona National Saddlebred Show is registered with the American Saddlebred Horse Association and results will be provided to the Association for compilation of points for eligibility to show at Louisville in Park and Pleasure horse classes.


Mr. Frank Miller of Escondido, California will judge the entire 2008 event, Michele Wilson will once again serve as show secretary and Joe Husband will announce. Craig Johnson will be photographing the horse show and Bobbie Reid will again serve as volunteer chair for the event.


Call Bobbie Reid at 480-292-5361 for a premium book. Entries are due by December 15, 2007 so please enter by the deadline to avoid post entry fees.

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