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American Saddlebred Sweepstakes Payments Due Tuesday, January 31

Lexington, Kentucky
­– A number of payments are due Tuesday, January 31 for the Three-Year-Old and Four-Year-Old American Saddlebred Sweepstakes prize program.


Nomination forms for the Three- and Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes can be found on the Sweepstakes homepage.  Nomination forms for the Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes will be available in May.


The following payments are due Tuesday, January 31:


Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes

Yearling Year – Single payment of $500, or first payment installment.

Two-Year-Old Year -  Second payment installment.

Three-Year-Old Year – Last payment installment.


Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes

Three-Year-Old Year – Single payment of full amount, or first payment installment.

Four-Year-Old Year – Second payment installment.   


Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes payments are due June 1 and September 15. 


In 2005, prize money was distributed as follows:  Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes - $38,629; Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes - $70,428; Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes - $30,376.  For more information on the American Saddlebred Sweepstakes, contact Patricia Edwards by calling (859) 259-2742, ext. 320 or e-mail


Sweepstakes classes are held at the All American Horse Classic in Indianapolis, Indiana, in September and are conducted under the rules of the U.S. Equestrian Federation.  Sweepstakes differ from futurity programs in that nominations for sires, dams and weanlings are not required.  The horse is nominated as a yearling to the Two- and Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes and is nominated to the Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes in its three-year-old year. 



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