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American Saddlebred Registry Board meets, elects officers

, Ky. – Meeting by teleconference, the 2007 directors of the American Saddlebred Registry elected officers on Tuesday, March 6.  The nine directors are Joan Hamilton (Kentucky), David Howard (Tennessee), Dr. Rick Luft (Wisconsin), Spencer Mains (North Carolina), Mary Ann Pardieck (Indiana), Dr. Alan Raun (Iowa), Fred Sarver (Kentucky), Anne Stafford (Tennessee) and Judith Werner (Illinois).

After discussion on each position, the following were elected unanimously:  Joan Hamilton as president, David Howard as vice president, Spencer Mains as secretary, and Dr. Rick Luft as treasurer. 

"It's both an honor and an important responsibility to be elected president of the American Saddlebred Registry," said Ms. Hamilton, "and since I've devoted most of my life to this breed, it's not something I've taken on without a lot of thought. Fortunately, Fred Sarver has done an exceptional job for many years, and I'm going to rely a good deal on his experience and that of my fellow officers and directors in doing the best job I can to continue to improve the progress of our breed in the year ahead."

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