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AHHS Medallion High Point Winners

AHHS Medallion High Point results for the 2006/2007 competition year have been finalized. The following junior members of AHHS will be recognized Friday, November 16 at the UPHA American Royal National Championship Horse Show during the AHHS-sponsored banquet following the mid-day performance. All Medallion finalists, their trainers and families are encouraged to attend. Points for these awards are accumulated in Medallion classes held throughout the USA from October 1, 2006 through September 30, 2007. Winners who cannot be present to receive their award in Kansas City may send a representative or e-mail with a complete mailing address.


All winners receive a year-end high point ribbon.  The champion in each section will receive a custom-embroidered sport fleece jacket and the trainer will receive a free full-page ad and one-year subscription to an equine publication.


Congratulations to the following:

Pleasure Pony Under Saddle Medallion

CH - Devin Curran

RES – Avis Van Zomeren

3RD - Nicole Laroussa

4TH - Lucy Sjulin

5TH - Logan Petersen (tie)

5TH - Samantha Simmons (tie)

7TH - Morgan Brison (tie)

7TH - Shelby Gregory (tie)


Pleasure Driving Medallion

CH - Will Mayo

RES - Patsy Loeb

3RD - Nicole Laroussa

4TH - Rose Marie Wheeler

5TH - Logan Jones

6TH - Emily Doll (tie)

6TH - Toby Hegner (tie)

8TH- Lucy Sjulin


Roadster Pony Under Saddle Medallion

CH- Alyssa Lopez

RES - Jake Butts (tie)

RES - Caitlin Leith  (tie)

4TH – Morgan Brison

5TH - Sarah Bushell (tie)

5TH - Tori Newberry (tie)

6TH - (tie) Kinsey Broome

          Crystal Case

          Pat Kittredge

          Bryce Smithwick

          Megan Todd

          Mia Wilson


Roadster Pony to Bike Medallion

CH - Patsy Loeb

RES - Caitlin Leith

3RD - JP Stilz

4TH - Jeb Boyd (tie)

4TH - Anna Hudson (tie)

5TH - Ali DeGray

6TH - Casey Bray

7TH - Tyler Volz

8TH - Max Kaplan

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