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February 3-5, 2012, Sebring Stables, MA

The New England Morgan Horse Association Winter Getaway is scheduled for February 3-5, 2012. The weekend will feature a Welcome Reception on Friday evening at the Cranwell, a luxurious resort located in the heart of the beautiful Berkshires. Saturday’s program of Clinics will take place at nearby Sebring Stables followed by the annual Awards Banquet back at the Cranwell. Sunday’s events include a Buffet Breakfast, the annual Membership Meeting and a Morgan Judging Standards Mini-Clinic.  You could also skate, ski, board, swim or enjoy the Cranwell’s spa services. For more information visit

The following clinics are scheduled for Saturday, February 4.

Jeff Morse Carriage Driving Clinic At 9:15, Jeff Morse from Green Meads Farm will be giving a clinic about Morgans and Carriage Driving, discussing and demonstrating the transformation of the Morgan Show Horse, from any discipline division, into a Morgan Carriage Horse. Jeff will identify most of the significant issues commonly encountered and how to approach them, using a Morgan coming from the Classic Pleasure Division, who is right now at the early stages of this transformation. Almost any Morgan can be a decent carriage driving horse, most can be very good. There are reasons for that which Jeff will cover in the 45 minutes on Saturday.

If you have had Morgans show horses for a long time and are ready to try something new, fun and mentally challenging, carriage driving may be just the thing for you and your horses. If physical challenges are starting to reduce your time in the saddle, carriage driving is the perfect next step. Did you know the average age of the US World Singles Driving Team in 2008 was 62 years? It was won by a 72 year old!

 It is sometimes difficult to envision how the high stepping, animated Show Morgan can become a long and low carriage horse performing a beautiful extended trot. Jeff says his best carriage horses have come from the park division! Our Morgans are called versatile for reason! On Saturday, Feb 4th at Sebring Stables in Richmond, MA, Jeff will show you how easily it’s done.

Braiding – Valeri Reynolds of Richmond, Massachusetts braided her way through her junior show career with hunter ponies. Now she braids her daughter’s Grand Prix horse. Valeri will explain the different styles and techniques for hunter pleasure and dressage competitors. She has some new tools and techniques to share as well. Braiding practice under Valeri’s guidance will also be available.

Carriage Driving – Jeff Morse of Green Meads Farm in Richmond, Massachusetts has become a leading trainer, clinician and competitor in the world of carriage driving. Jeff will demonstrate how carriage driving and combined driving can be a perfect fit as a career change for some horses and is also proving to be a great spot for the senior equestrian as well.

Equine Chiropractic Work – Dr. Ryan Penno of The Equine Clinic at Oakencroft in Ravena, New York is a master manipulator. Dr. Penno’s expertise is such that he is in great demand. He travels both near and far to help owners keep their horses happy, comfortable and in top form for peak performance. Dr. Penno will explain how chiropractic adjustment can benefit our horses as he shows us the how, what and why of what he does.

Lunge Line Exercises– Sarah Gove and Kristen Farley from Taylor River Farm in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire will show some of the exercises on the lunge line that they use to help them to turn out top riders in every division. Some Sebring Stables’ horses will be available for a lunge lesson with Sarah and Kristen.

Morgan Judging Standards Mini-Clinic – Cindy Mugnier and Harry Sebring will present their well-known workshop on how the Morgan horse is to be judged. Cindy and Harry have been involved as leaders of the Morgan Judging School program since its inception and both have long-time extensive judging and mentoring experience at all levels of competition. The standard of perfection for the many disciplines in which the Morgan competes will be covered via video and clear explanation. Cindy and Harry love questions too!

Reining – Josette Conti of Kutztown, Pennsylvania will demonstrate the sport of reining with two of her World Champion Morgan reining horses. Josette also trains and competes in the Quarter Horse and open reining world with equal success. She will show us what it takes to be the best.

Saddle Seat Equitation – Suzanne Habereck, UPHA Chapter 14 Instructor of the Year, owns Trinity Farms in Broadalbin, New York. She trained the 2010 Saddle Seat Equitation Triple Crown Champion and a number of other National and World Champion equitation riders in both saddle and hunter seat. Suzanne will have one of her riders with her to illustrate her talk. Some of the Sebring Stable horses will be available to riders who would to ride with Suzanne.

Western Dressage – Jeff Wilson of Black Willow Morgans in Delhi, New York is an avid promoter of the Morgan Horse. Jeff and his Morgan were a hit at The World Equestrian Games with their western dressage free-style performance. Jeff will go through the basics as well as some other moves from his crowd-pleasing repertoire. He will also discuss the goals of the newly formed Western Dressage Association.


February Events and Activities