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Youth Scholarship Offered To Participants In All American Cup

Another new feature is being offered to the participants in the All American Cup. A $2,500 scholarship is being funded by Jim Aikman and Oz Mutz.  It will be known as The All American Cup Youth Scholarship.  Both Mutz and Aikman have been the closest of friends and supporters of the American Saddlebred for over 65 years, and they are vitally interested in the youth of today.  They hope this scholarship will contribute to increased interest in Saddlebreds by college-age young people.


Complete details of the All American Cup Youth Scholarship will be announced at a later date.  At this time, however, the following applies.


Those eligible are:

  1. Any stallion service donor who has donated a stallion service to the All American Cup Auction and subsequently has declared a mare in foal to that stallion.
  2. Any stallion service buyer who has purchased a service at the All American Cup Auction and made the appropriate mare declaration.


The recipient of the All American Cup Youth Scholarship may give this scholarship to their children, grandchildren, or anyone of their choosing. The scholarship can only be used for educational purposes at the college level.


The recipient of the scholarship will be determined and announced after the All American Cup Auction on Saturday night, Jan. 19, 2008, at Claudia Sanders Restaurant, Shelbyville, Ky.


To be eligible, stallion owners should enroll their stallion in the All American Cup Auction.  Or, you may email your bid now on any stallion of your choosing.


The All American Cup staff will keep you advised of your bid position until the auction and will also phone or email bidders the night of the auction.


For more information email Jim Aikman at   


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