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World’s Championship Horse Show Announces Judges and New Stabling Information

The judges for the 2008 Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show are as follows: Saddlebred–James Hale, James Nichols, Barbe Smith and Gene van der Walt; Hackney/harness ponies–Chris Gantley, James Hale, James Nichols and Gene van der Walt; roadster horses and roadster ponies–Chris Gantley, James Hale, James Nichols and Gene van der Walt; equitation–Midge Hunt, Barbee Smith, James Nichols, James Hale and Gene van der Walt.


Beginning this year, the new North Wing will be available for stabling. Since plans for the future include demolition of the stadium, owners and trainers currently stabled in the stadium will have the option of stabling in the North Wing or remaining in the stadium. Letters will be sent to request that the current occupants of the stadium notify management in which location they would like to be stabled–the north wing or the stadium.


The vacated stalls in the stadium will be assigned to owners and trainers who have been stabled in the tents the longest. With the vacancies in the stadium, there will be no need for tents A, B, C, D, E, F, G, or I. Tent H will remain next to the covered arena.


The arrangement of the North Wing will consist of three main aisleways running east to west; the north-side aisle will be 30-feet wide, the center aisle will be 20-feet wide, and the south aisle will be 15-feet wide. There will also be 30-foot aisle ways at each end. These aisleways, as well as the aisles between stalls, will be covered with Fibar footing. Trainers will need to provide the footing in the stalls; mats, tar paper or any other footing may be used. Wash racks with drains and water will be located at the east end in the loading dock area and also in the area between the North Wing and Stopher Walk.


To facilitate unloading equipment and supplies, small motorized vehicles, i.e., pick-up trucks, golf carts, gators, etc., will be allowed inside the building only during the days of moving in or out. After this time, there will be no motorized vehicles of any kind allowed in the North Wing. For added convenience and closer access to the stalls, it will also be possible to drive up between the North Wing and Stopher Walk and enter through the side doors.


Entrance into the North Wing by horses will be on the east end next to the barns. There are six large doors across this end, and barriers will be set up along the side next to the barns; the largest door is on the north corner next to Stopher Walk. Due to safety restrictions, there will be no opening in the middle of Stopher Walk for entry by horses.


There will be a small office at the end of the North Wing where a stall official will be present at all times to help make this transition smoother and easier for all involved.

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