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World Cup Team Presentation – Wednesday Night


Editor’s note: The following presentation was made at the World’s Championship Horse Show on Wednesday night.


Ladies and Gentleman, at this time I would like to direct your attention to Center Ring as we welcome the proud and exceptionally talented members of the United States Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup Teams—let’s welcome
TEAM USA!!!     


These riders will have the honor and distinction of representing the United States in international Saddle Seat Equitation competition this December at the 2006 Saddle Seat World Cup in Parys, South Africa.  This prestigious international competition was formalized in 1996.  Since that time, riders from the US and other top equestrian athletes from Canada, Great Britain, Namibia and South Africa have been competing every two years for the honor of being the best Saddle Seat riders in the world.  Riders and horses from the American Saddlebred, Morgan, Arabian and National Show Horse breeds have all been involved in Saddle Seat World Cup events over the years.  The World Cup event includes events in both three- and five-gaited equitation with the riders competing on horses they have just one hour to get to know!


TEAM USA has garnered quite a successful collection of medals in World Cup competition.  Most recently, the US swept the competition when they played host to the 2004 World Cup in Kentucky, winning gold medals in both the Three- and Five-gaited events.  That means that we have possession of those two beautiful World Cup trophies, and I have to tell you – these talented riders you see here tonight don’t want to give them up!


But to keep those stunning trophies here in the USA, these young riders need your help.  We hope that you will support Team USA as they look to defend their 2004 titles.  The US Saddle Seat World Cup is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, so your donations are generally tax deductible. 


It is my pleasure to now introduce the members of TEAM USA 2006:


Mandy Martin

Sarah Taylor

Alexis Scott

Michelle Krentz

Jacqueline Beck

Deveau Zubrod (Team Captain)


Also joining us this evening is Three-Gaited Team USA Coach Renee Biggins


Three-Gaited Team USA




Cristina Sloan Heet (Team Captain)

Ashley Alden

Brooke Jacobs

Ali Judah

Cydni Simmons

Five-Gaited Team


If you’d like to learn more about the World Cup or just make a contribution, come see any of these very gifted equestrian athletes!  I know they’d love to tell you more about it!


Since March, the US World Cup has been working hard to raise funds. Team members have been selling chance tickets for a drawing to be held tonight.  So if you were one of the many people who supported the World Cup by buying one of these tickets, listen up.  Tonight you just might win a $2,000 credit with Carl Meyers Riding Apparel.


We are joined here at center ring tonight by Carl Meyers, who will conduct the drawing for the prize he has so generously donated.


And the winner is…. Melanie Williams.



Annelise O’Donnell helped Carl Meyers with the $2,000 drawing


Thanks once again to all of those fans who purchased tickets for this drawing.  Your support of the World Cup is much appreciated.


Thanks also to the generosity of supporters such as the United Professional Horseman’s Association, United States Equestrian Federation and the many other corporate and private sponsors who have contributed funds and guidance in support of the US World Cup.  Because of this support, the US is able to participate in this prestigious event and to promote worldwide recognition for the sport of Saddle Seat Equitation.  If you are not already a sponsor, it is not too late to support TEAM USA as they once again GO FOR THE GOLD in 2006!


Ladies and gentlemen, the Saddle Seat World Cup is truly the ultimate test of Saddle Seat riding ability and the United States is proud to have these incredibly talented riders to represent us.  Let’s send them off with our applause and our best wishes for the 2006 World Cup!

Cathie Simmons, Kim Alden, and Christy O’Donnell
watch the presentation.

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