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2010 World Cup Needs Five-Gaited Horses

The US Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup is in the final stages of planning for the very exciting 2010 International Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup competition, to be held October 6-8 in conjunction with the Kentucky Fall Classic Horse Show at the Shelby County Fairgrounds. This year’s event will be the largest Saddle Seat World Cup event in history as Team USA will be taking on three- and five-gaited teams from Canada, Germany, Great Britain and South Africa.

With all five countries fielding five-gaited teams for the first time in history, the USA is in great need of five-gaited horses to be donated for use in the competition. Horses will be used for two days of competition and two days of practice (practice days are limited to 30 minutes).

Horses donated for use during the event are provided with feed and bedding, stabling and exceptional care for the week of the competition. In addition, each horse donor will receive a special World Cup sheet, halter, and lead shank for their horse. The USWC Logistics team will assist with coordinating transportation. In addition, horses used in the event will also be featured on the US Saddle Seat World Cup website at A photo and brief bio of the horse (as well as contact information if the horse is for sale) will be included when provided by the owner/agent.

This event is a tremendous opportunity to showcase beautiful five-gaited Saddlebreds and National Show Horses. Don’t miss out on the chance to put YOUR horse on the world stage at this prestigious event, slated to be webcast around the world!

Questions regarding horse donation should be directed to Barbe Smith at 504-460-7831 or For more information and forms related to horse donation, please also visit our website at and click on ‘Horse Donation Information Available’ under breaking news.

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