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World Champion Material – A Novel by Sarah Hinds

The Saddle Horse Report is pleased to introduce one of the newest authors in equine literature, more particularly American Saddlebred fiction. Sarah Hinds was born in 1992 in St. Louis, Missouri.  She has ridden, shown, and loved American Saddlebred horses since she was four years old. Sarah shows her Pinto Saddlebred gelding, All Riled Up (also known as "Riley") under the direction of Mark and Kelly Hulse. She also owns a 25 year-old Saddlebred gelding, Reedann's First Award (affectionately known as "Mickey") who was her first horse and best friend.


Sarah writes a column for a monthly Saddlebred magazine, and has written articles for the American Saddlebred magazine, Missouri Horse Show Association's newsletter, and ASHA's Junior Junction.

Sarah has recently published
World Champion Material, a novel aimed at young adults. It is the story of Amanda Ryan who loves to ride at her local American Saddlebred farm. When Amanda receives a horse – Saddlebred, of course – with a questionable past, her world is turned upside down.


To learn more about World Champion Material, and to order your own copy of the book, look for the World Champion Material banner when it appears at the top of any page of Saddle Horse Report Online. You can also find a link to the book’s web site in the Banner Advertisers’ section under the Showcase heading in the left-hand menu of this web site, or click on the banner below:

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