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Williams Promoted to Director of Development and Communications


Lexington, Kentucky ­– Matthew Williams of Lexington, Kentucky, development manager of the American Saddlebred Horse Association, has been promoted to the new position of director of development and communications, effective immediately, announced Alan F. Balch, executive secretary of the Association.

“Since Matthew joined us not quite a year ago now, his performance has been exceptional,” Balch said.  “He was a champion in the Saddlebred show ring, and he’s been a champion in his professional life with us as well.  Although we’re losing Reeves Kirtner, Matthew has been a critical part of Reeves’ team, and for him to move up now is only natural.  We expect more great things ahead.”

Reeves Kirtner, currently communications and technology manager, is leaving the Association to join his family’s company, Kindred Communications.  Located in
Huntington, West Virginia, Kindred Communications is a network of radio stations, in which Kirtner will serve as assistant program director.  Kirtner began working at the Association in September 2004. 

“When Reeves joined us, he told us he could only commit at first to a year or so.  We predicted he would be a fine talent, in really his first job right out of
Marshall University, and that proved to be the case.  We persuaded him to stay longer, but he’s been conscientious all along in advising us of the opportunities that were waiting for him elsewhere.  We’ve been very fortunate to have had his commitment, energy, and vision applied to this organization and our breed.  I wouldn’t know where to begin in reviewing all the things he’s been instrumental in improving, but the magazine, our website, the Association’s presence at Louisville, the convention’s growth, and our increased member communications have all been part of his responsibility.  Matthew has been involved to some extent in all these things, too, and will prove to be equally talented I think.”

Williams’ new responsibilities will include oversight of all the Association’s development activities and all communications functions, including the magazine and member communications.  He is a graduate of
Furman University with a bachelor’s degree in communications studies.  A new administrative position reporting to him is now open. 

Balch added that recruitment and interviewing is underway for openings at the Association in both the record-keeping and program administration areas, including development and technology.  Applicants should contact the ASHA by email, at   


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