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From the Desk of Marty Schaffel: What We Can Learn From Horses

I came across the following article and video clip this morning. It shows a horse going into danger to lead other horses to safety. It reminds us of how much a horse cares and what we can learn from them.

As a membership and breed community, we need to reflect on if we are finding ways to lead others to safety. Often in the equestrian community, we hear talk of people’s actions being dictated by personal benefit, glory and greed. I must admit I have seen this too. Yet, I find myself sitting here with 17 other fellow board members, countless regional volunteers and droves of breed lovers fighting to create an American Saddlebred community that is a place for everyone and is better for the future of the breed, not our personal agendas.

So while I am often faced with efforts of a few who seeking to divide and ostracize our group as we try to unite and secure a better future for the breed, I am reminded of what we can learn from the horse. The horses we love survive best as a strong herd, and as with our horses, together is the only way we can withstand both the forces within and without that seek to divide and weaken us. So I implore you, the ASHA membership and Saddlebred community, as a collective group, we must find a way to cast the selfish desires aside and brave the blazes to bring our breed to a place of safety and security.

From the boards of our associations to fellow competitors in the ring we should rise above negativity and divisiveness to help and support each other. We can respect the various opinions of our fellow members, even when we do not agree. We can compete against our fellow American Saddlebred enthusiasts with fairness. We can uphold the high standard of ethics and integrity amongst our volunteers and leadership. To do less is beneath any of us.

What can we learn from our horses? From the attached video below, we can see what a horse will do to help other horses. I hope we all can appreciate the lesson this horse teaches us. For all of our sakes.

This Horse Saving Two Other Horses From The California Fires 
This will both make and break your day.
**Note to viewers the commentary is from a local news reporter, not an experienced horse person.
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