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What Matters? Differences and Similarities Matter.

According to J.H. Oldham, “Differences Were Meant Not to Divide but to Enrich.”

Probably no truer words have ever been spoken. And with the American Saddlebred, there is certainly a broad spectrum of opinions and thoughts. However, they are all meant to drive the success of the American Saddlebred, a uniquely gifted breed of horse who is not only beautiful, athletic, and confident but also incredibly versatile. Anyone who has ever been around the individuals who make up the entirety of the breed knows that each horse has its own unique personality and unique gifts. Some are playful; some are proud; some are reserved; some are goofy. But they all make up the collective of this magnificent breed. 

Likewise, the members of the ASHA are all unique. Different points of view. Different skills and interests. All different, yet all united in love for the breed. It is in the spirit of the different ways that each individual consumes media that we now at the ASHA offer our new podcast, funded by a grant from the USEF, Trot Talk. We intend to speak with people throughout the vast differences of this industry to unite in love for the breed. Our first podcast was with longtime American Saddlebred enthusiast Carson Kressley. Carson has been an incredibly generous and effective promoter of the breed that connects with a diverse array of equestrians. We believed this was the perfect way to kick off the podcast series. You can subscribe to on Apple, Spotify or you can get access to full episodes on our YouTube channel. 

As great as podcasts are, though, not everyone listens to them. Some people like email, and some like to look at social media. Some people watch the magnificence of our breed in the Rose Parade on television. Some like to read the columns like What Matters and Marty Schaffel’s weekly thoughts. It is because of these differences in preference that we are working very very hard at the ASHA to get information out in a timely fashion and in through multiple channels. 

Later this month, the UPHA will be having its annual convention in Lexington, KY. The ASHA, AHHS, ARHPA, and AMHA also participate. There will be lots of discussion at the conference. There will be recaps of the past year and visions forward. Of course, not everyone will be able to attend the conference for a variety of reasons. We will be publishing after the convention the presentations that are made and will attempt to Facebook Live key ASHA sessions, including the annual meeting. We will certainly post the video afterward.

All different. Yet, all the same. We’re in it together, and communication is one of the keys to making sure the “word gets out” in a way that everyone can find. It is our commitment at the ASHA to continue to communicate as much as possible in as many ways as possible and serve our differences to enrich our community.

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