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Western Pleasure Rule Change

The ASHA passed a new rule regarding qualification for the Shatner Finals. Beginning in 2014 each show that has a Saddle & Bridle Shatner qualifying class must accept as entries, both adult and juvenile amateur riders. If a juvenile places in the class he or she will qualify for the Juvenile Shatner Finals at St. Louis regardless of what ribbon he or she receives. If an adult wins the class the adult that wins will be the only adult in the class to qualify for the Adult Saddle & Bridle Shatner Finals at St. Louis. A juvenile who has placed in a Shatner qualifying class may continue to show in that class unless he or she wins first. An adult may not show in the class once he or she has won first place in a qualifier.
 For additional questions about this new rule please call Suzanne Bradshaw (501) 821-5697, Western ambassador for the ASHA or Scott Matton (262) 227-6219, chairman of the ASHA Pleasure division.

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