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Welcoming Morgans Back To The Big D

The Big D Charity horse show, held at the Las Colinas Equestrian Center in Irving, Texas, will be adding a full range of Morgan classes this year. For many years, Big D was a three-breed show with Saddlebreds, Tennessee Walking Horses and Morgans and as the breeds split off over time, there have only been Saddlebreds for the last three years. “It is with great enthusiasm that in 2015 we welcome back the Morgan horses to Big D”, said show manager, Peter Fenton. “The timing was right.” Regretfully, the Red River show in Oklahoma will no longer be held, so the Big D show will be an attractive alternative for owners and trainers in that state, as well as for the growing number of Morgan competitors in Texas.

Fenton took a leap of faith in adding a significant number of Morgan classes but firmly believes it is the right thing to do. “Morgans are the perfect breed to match with Saddlebreds”, said Fenton, who manages or officiates at several shows around the country. “I try to do this everywhere I go… multi-breed shows are where we need to be.” He is referring, of course, to the fact that many shows have been forced out of business because they are no longer financially viable.

The addition of a full range of Morgan classes has not been without its challenges, however. “We needed to add enough classes to keep the Morgan people interested but we don’t want to turn it into a marathon with classes ending at midnight”, Fenton explained. Polling several barns from Texas and Oklahoma, he is optimistic there will be a good turnout, saying “I’m very excited to have the Morgans compete!”

With the sale of the Las Colinas horse facility, the Big D show will be looking for a new home next year. A supporter of the Dallas based Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, the show committee’s preference is to stay in the area. “We want to stay close to our volunteer base (The Texas Scottish Rite organization)”, said Fenton. “They are a tremendous group with wonderful ideas and principles.” They help to manage the gates and perform many of the important tasks that keep a horse show running smoothly.

We urge everyone in the area to attend and support this show in its new format. It offers the excitement of seeing some of the best in their respective breeds compete, as well as an opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy all the fun activities and parties the show has to offer. Saddle Horse Report gives Peter Fenton and the Big D Charity Horse Show committee a big ‘thumbs up’ for expanding its scope to include Morgan horses. We wish good luck to all competitors, both old and new, and we hope you will support the Big D show for many years to come.

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