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Webcast Wheels Out Added Camera Angles for Friday, Saturday


Lexington, Kentucky ­– The American Saddlebred Horse Association’s Internet webcast of the 2006 TSE Tattersalls Fall Sale will really crank up the coverage for Friday night and Saturday.  Sponsored by the Wisconsin Futurity, the webcast coverage will improve as the ASHA has contracted with Lexington’s Post Time Video to produce the final two sessions. 


The single-camera angle webcast will give way to a three-camera production Friday night, which will carry into Saturday, providing a superior overall feel for the atmosphere at Tattersalls.  One camera will be positioned at the end of the straight-a-way, resulting in a close-up view as each horse enters the sales pavilion.  That angle can also be dramatic at times, as sale horses trot head-on, directly toward the camera.  Another camera will pick up the horse as it reaches the area in front of the auctioneer’s stand.  That vantage point will allow for a revealing view of a conformation pose.  Finally, a third camera will be dedicated to the sales board offering a sharper image of the lot number and sale price to aid in identifying the horse. 


To view the webcast, visit  The fee is $8 per day/computer with ASHA members receiving a 20% discount.


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