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WCHS Pleasure and Park Qualifying Announcement

Several of our members have asked questions about qualifying for the Kentucky State Fair’s World Championship Horse Show (WCHS). Due to the large number of new members and some confusion over how the WCHS qualifying system works, the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) is providing details here.

All pleasure (show and country) and park Saddlebreds must qualify for the WCHS by showing in at least six classes at a minimum of three shows from July 1 of the previous year through June 30 of the current competition year. The qualification system for the pleasure and park divisions at the WCHS was adopted in 2007 to encourage exhibitors to support continuous showing in the same division at shows throughout the season.

The WCHS is owned by the Kentucky State Fair, which makes all decisions for the show, including the qualifying rules and deadlines. ASHBA is tasked with maintaining a list of qualified horses through its database of recorded horse shows and providing other support to the show. ASHBA also represents its membership by bringing member requests to the WCHS management and the Kentucky State Fair Board for consideration.

Most recently, ASHBA has reached out to the WCHS and Kentucky State Fair Board about the qualification system, and both have graciously agreed to do a review of the current qualification system in time for the next competition year, so all exhibitors will have plenty of time to adjust to any potential changes in the qualification requirements.

Any members who still have questions about the pleasure and park qualification system for the WCHS are welcome to contact ASHBA or the WCHS for further clarification. Details on qualifications for the WCHS can be found on the ASHBA website.

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