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World’s Championship Horse Show Announces Additional Prize Money

Placings for the Five-Gaited World’s Grand Champion increased from eight to ten.  

The World’s Championship Horse Show’s largest prize continues to grow in prestige and value. With support from the Goodman and Manilow Families and the Barbara Blacklaw Memorial Fund, the prize money has increased to $155,000 and the class placings have expanded from eight to ten for the Five-Gaited World’s Grand Champion.
In 2019, a $1 million endowment was the gift from William Blacklaw in memory of his wife and is invested in an interest-bearing account. Accrued interest on the endowment will be disbursed annually to provide additional prize money to ribbon winners in the Five-Gaited World’s Grand Championship competition held on the final night of the World’s Championship Horse Show.
“The World’s Championship Horse Show is one of the oldest and most storied parts of the Kentucky State Fair, continuing through world wars and societal changes. This event has continued to showcase the top horses and riders in the world thanks to generous donations from people like The Goodman and Manilow Families and Mr. Blacklaw. We’re appreciative of all they have done for the Saddlebred industry,” said David S. Beck, President and CEO of Kentucky Venues.
The World’s Championship Horse Show returns to Freedom Hall Aug. 22-29. The event is held in conjunction with the Kentucky State Fair. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 show is closed to the public. For more information about the World’s Championship Horse Show, visit  

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