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Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Select American Saddlebreds

Posted March 27, 2002
For the first time in 70 years, the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police force is developing a mounted horse patrol and has selected the American Saddlebred as their “breed of choice” for their officers to ride. The mounted patrol has been in the development stage with the DC Government for two years. At the present time, ten officers have qualified to continue their training, after having passed a rigorous physical exam, in the mounted patrol division. Sgt. Leo Scully, who has been riding his American Saddlebred throughout the streets and parks of Washington, DC, is taking the lead in implementing the program and has commented, “everywhere I ride people stop me and express their admiration of what a beautiful and proud horse I am mounted on.”

The DC Metropolitan Police has contacted the Mid-Atlantic Saddlebred Association and the American Saddlebred Horse Association to assist in finding owners who may have a suitable horse which they would be willing to donate to this program. The horses must be at least 15.3 hands, sensible, attractive and sound. The horses will receive the very best in care and treatment. A 60 day training and trial period is part of the plan.

Please contact Sgt. Leo Scully, DC Metropolitan Police, at 202-439-1423 or Diane Hauslein, Mid-Atlantic Saddlebred Association, at 703-525-9238, if you have an American Saddlebred you are willing to donate to this new venture.

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