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Vero Beach Riding Academy Closes; Clover Lea Farm Reopens in KY


Sarah Liebert, owner/manager of Clover Lea Farm LLC, d/b/a Vero Beach Riding Academy announced today that she has suspended business operations in Vero Beach, Florida.


Liebert recently lost her grandfather, long-time Thoroughbred horse enthusiast, Skip McMahan, just a year after the death of her father, Dennis Liebert. These unforeseen events led to the purchase of 31 acres outside of Louisville, where Liebert was raised, to be closer to family and friends.


Liebert and her fiancé, Chris Garner, have relocated to Goshen, Kentucky. Clover Lea Farm is now accepting outside retirees, broodmares, lay-up horses, and horses requiring special care. All breeds and disciplines are welcome.  For further information, please contact Sarah Liebert at (502) 228-3486.

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