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Virginia Horse Industry Board Increases Added Money for Virginia-bred Saddlebreds

For the past several years, the Virginia Horse Industry Board (VHIB) has approved additional money to the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Virginia (ASHAV) futurities through its “Virginia Bred Grant program. VHIB has approved for 2018 an additional $2,000 to be added to the futurity payouts at the ASHAV Horse Show in September. 

In addition to the futurity, still following the guidelines of the mission statement for the VHIB in the promotion of Virginia bred horses, they have awarded an additional $2,000 to be given to American Saddlebreds born in Virginia that compete in non-futurity two-, three- and four-year-old classes at the ASHAV horse show in 2018. This added money will go to the breeder.

“This is the first time money has been added to these classes for the breeders and it is very exciting,” said Nancy Troutman of Meadow Wood Stables. “We hope this will be a great incentive for Virginia breeders and trainers and we are very appreciative to the VHIB for the help they are giving the Virginia American Saddlebred community.”


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