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USEF Rule Change: 10 & Under UPHA Challenge Cup Notice


Please be advised that the United States Equestrian Federation has granted a Presidential Modification in the application of EQ118.16(e)1 for the 2006 competition year. This Presidential Modification changes the previous restriction that required nine-year-old rider to canter if they had already shown in the walk/trot division for two competition years. The rule, as it will apply for the 2006 competition year, follows below with corrections shown where indicated:


10 & Under Walk/Trot Challenge Cup. Open to riders 10 years of age and under. A walk and trot rider must canter after the beginning of their nine-year-old competition year if they have shown in as many as three competition years in that division.


Anyone with questions regarding this presidential modification should contact the Breeds & Western Department at the Federation office at (859) 225-6986.

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