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USEF Mid-Year Board Meeting


(Lexington, KY) – The USEF Board of Directors met in Lexington, Kentucky on July 11th and addressed a relatively light agenda with few proposed bylaw or rule changes. 


In their respective reports President David O’Conner and Chief Executive Officer John Long announced that a new strategic planning process will begin in the next several months with the objective of guiding the Federation for the next decade.  It will address such issues as grass roots support and development; the rule creation and change process; the size and content of the rulebook; and technological advancements to better support members, competitions, and connect the equestrian community.  Mr. Long said upgrades in software and hardware technology will be introduced at the USEF starting this year.


Board Treasurer Kathy Meyer reported that the USEF is in a healthy financial position being favorable to budget for the year-to-date with 2007 budget planning underway.


Competitions Date Approval Task Force member Howard Pike updated the Board on issues surrounding the new date rotation for 2007 and 2008.  The date rotation changes from the present date of Memorial Day to the first Sunday in January for 2007 and 2008.  He explained the phenomena of “Calendar Creep” which is also a factor in the movement of competition dates for both years.  Mr. Pike also discussed issues relating to the licensing of competitions.


Robert Higgins provided an update on the Fed Reps program. USEF Staff Members Lynn McCoy, Director of NAB FEI Service and Karen Homer Brown, Assistant Executive Director of National Affiliates, presented the initial plan for the creation of a new USEF Youth Council with the goals of expanding grassroots participation in equestrian sport, creating new youth programs, and providing the younger members of the USEF a voice in the organization.


Only four proposed Bylaw Amendments were put before the Board, one of which was withdrawn by the proponent and three which the proponents requested to be referred to the January, 2007 Board of Directors Meeting.


There were only five rule change proposals, all of which had been referred from the January 2006 Board Meeting, were reviewed by the Board.  The most significant of these was the changes to General Rule 214, as regards the mileage rules for Hunter and Jumper competitions, and it was passed by the board.  It establishes separate and distinct mileage requirements by zones and competition rating for Hunter and Jumper competitions, including mileage requirements for the first trimester of the year in Florida.  Hunter mileage will be independent of the Jumper mileage and applied separately to each division and section of a competition.  The new rule will not take effect until December 1, 2008. 


There were just ten extraordinary rule change proposals.  Three regarding Carriage Pleasure Driving and seven regarding Paso Fine rules.  All were passed unanimously by the Board.  The meeting was adjourned by 1:00 pm EDT.


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