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USEF Juvenile/Masters Rules and Standards Survey

The USEF Rules and Standards Subcommittee is conducting a survey until July 1, 2010 to evaluate the need to Increase the age of the Juvenile Division and the need for a Masters division.

These ideas were presented to the USEF Rules and Standards Committee at the January Convention and a Subcommittee was formed . The Committee consists of Chuck Herbert, Ellen Beard and Misdee Miller.

The discussion for these changes were based on instances of Juvenile riders having aged out while still attending High School and families have chosen to sell the horse instead of moving into the Amateur Division where the horse is not as well suited. The committee members also discussed the logistical difficulties often faced by 18 to 21-year-olds involved with competing in Saddlebred competitions during their college-age years as amateurs.

The idea of the Masters division is based on the idea that some riders do not want to compete against their younger counter parts as well as it gives an opportunity for some one who starts showing later in life to have a division that allows them to compete with riders of the same age.

All Saddlebred enthusiasts  are encouraged to participate through the online survey  at With questions regarding this issue or this survey, contact Chuck Herbert at (812) 204-5798 , or by email at or  Ellen Beard at (270) 556-5195, or by email at

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