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USEF Announces Rule Changes

The following are new rule changes from the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).


Effective 12-1-16

EQ115 Good Hands
• Changing names from NHS Good Hands to The Good Hands

RD101.1 Roadster Eligibility
• All horses competing in Roadster Horse classes must have a Roadster ID number issued by the ARHPA

Effective 2-1-17

HK103.2 RD103.1 and SB102 Welfare Rules
• Eliminating use of any chemical or other irritant to alter the pony/horse's tail carriage
• Eliminating use of chains or rollers as action devices on the competition grounds
• Adding stipulations/explanations regarding shoeing and surgical release of tails
• Removing reference to cob tails and docked tails; requiring appearance of short tail

SB157.5 Western Country Pleasure
• Allows professionals (with restrictions) to compete in Junior Horse, Maiden/Novice/Limit Horse classes in addition to prospect and open classes.

Effective 4-1-17

HK110 Hackney Division of Classes
• Requires classes with 16 or more entries to be divided. Gives competition management discretion on how to divide.

RD109.7 USTA Roadster Classic
• Changing qualifying period for 2018 competition

SB111 American Saddlebred Division of Classes
• Reduces the maximum number of entries allowed to compete in classes.



GR1056 Hackney Judges
• Requires clinic prior to learner judging
• Applicant may be denied due to little or no experience with breed
• Learner judge under a minimum of two different Registered "large R" judges

GR1069 Roadster Judges
• Recommends clinic prior to learner judging
• Applicant may be denied due to little or no experience with discipline
• Learner judge a minimum of five Roadster classes
• Learner judge with a Registered "large R" judge

GR10170 American Saddlebred Judges
• Requires clinic prior to leaner judging
• Applicant may be denied due to little or no experience with breed
• Required learner judge to officiate an additional competition unless one experience is on a panel of judges.

GR1071 Saddle Seat Equitation Judges
• Requires clinic prior to learner judging
• Applicant may be denied due to little or no experience with discipline
• Require learner judge to officiate at an additional competition unless one experience is on a panel of judges.

GR135 Maiden, Novice and Limit Classes
• Allows horses to only "start over" by switching between driving and under saddle classes

GR839 Cruelty to and Abuse of a Horse
• A horse presented for competition must not exhibit signs of recent cruelty or abuse

GR844 Necropsy
• Outlines requirements for horses that die while at a Licensed Competition


HK135 Appointments
• Martingales are required in Hackney Roadster Pony classes


RD102.2 Type and Conformation
• Better defines the type of horse for the Roadster Division

RD106 Appointments
• How to handle and entry that does not have a standard size seat or proper vehicle for class


SB101 Half American Saddlebred
• Adding rules for Half American Saddlebreds to compete

SB103.9 Attention Getting devices
• Strengthens competition management's ability to limit attention getting devices at designated times

SB104/1 Appointments
• Prohibits the use of and eliminates those that compete with a high tail crupper which attaches to the saddle.

SB108.3 Amateur Owner Trainer Classes
• Establishes perimeters regarding ownership, training, and professional assistance for AOT classes.

SB115.2 and SB1336 Park Horse Gaits
• Requires a Park horse to be shown at a Park Trot.

SB161 Saddle & Bridle's Working Western Pleasure Class
• Requires a minimum of three obstacles


EQ113 Bight of Reins
• Riders penalized for switching bight of rein to left side

EQ117 Championships
• Must work minimum number of riders per number of ribbons awarded in class
• Removing addressing reins as test. Separating tests 2 and 3 for clarity


GR1202.1 Competition Manager
• Must complete education requirements

The complete USEF Rulebook may be viewed online.

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