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USEF Announces Roadster Pony and Hackney Roadster Pony Competitions Selected for Heel Measurements

From the USEF Hackney Committee

The USEF Hackney Committee has selected the six competitions at which heel measurements will be required of Roadster Pony and Hackney Roadster Pony Championship classes as defined by USEF Hackney and Roadster Division rules. The mandatory heel measurements will be taken from the first-place and fourth-place ponies in the following competitions in 2014:
 * River Ridge Charity - Columbus, Ohio (April 24-27)
 * Kentucky State Fair - Louisville, Ky. (August 17-23)
 * All American Horse Classic - Indianapolis, Ind. (September 2-6)
 * Southeastern Charity, Conyers, Ga. (September 17-20)
 *Mid-America Mane Event, Springfield, Ill. (October 23-26)
 *UPHA/American Royal National Championship - Kansas City, Mo. (November 11-15)
If you exhibit, own, or train Roadster or Hackney Roadster ponies, please review USEF rules HK133.4 and RD114.2 for further information about the requirement. These sections of the USEF Rule Book can be found online at the following links:
Information regarding the conduct of these measurements will be sent to managers and stewards prior to their respective competitions.
Please direct any questions regarding these USEF rules, or regarding the competitions selected in 2013, to Jennifer Mellenkamp, USEF Director National Breed/Discipline Affiliates, via email at [email protected] or by calling (859) 225-6955.

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