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USAE Ruling Regarding Showing of Suspended Horses Ruling Regarding Showing of Susp

Posted March 21, 2002
In reference to those inquiring about the ability of a suspended horse to participate in a USA Equestrian (USAE) sanctioned event, the following statement dated March 12, 2002 applies.

From USAE: "Article 2901.1 of the Federation's Rules regarding eligibility in the Morgan Horse Division provides: 'Horses shown in this division must be registered with the American Morgan Horse Association, Inc., or the Canadian Morgan Horse Association, or the British Morgan Horse Society and must be entered under their full registered name or if under one year of age be eligible for registration.' Article 2901.5 provides that a copy of the registration papers showing recorded ownership must be submitted with the entry form at the time of entry.

"I understand that the horses referred to in the enclosures to your March 4 letter have been registered with the AMHA and that the registrations have not been retracted. Therefore, under the above Rules, the horses will continue to be eligible to enter and compete at Federation-recognized competitions, pending an outcome of the May AMHA hearing."

For additional questions, please contact Désirée DeVries (AMHA) at or Christina Stewart (USAE) at

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