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USAE Morgan Dressage Rule Clarification

USA Equestrian Morgan Rule Article 2905.1 states, "The Morgan shall be shown in all its natural beauty with a full mane, forelock and tail. Braiding is permitted only in Hunter, Jumper, Dressage, Sport Horse, Carriage Driving and ADS classes." Unfortunately, an incorrect assumption has arisen and some exhibitors have assumed that it is acceptable to show in a Morgan dressage class with a roached mane since it is not prohibited in the USAE Dressage division. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. At no time has a rule been passed that allows a Morgan with a roached mane to exhibit in a Morgan Dressage class. Due to this misunderstanding and in the spirit of encouragement for equine sport, Morgan Dressage entries with roached manes will be allowed to exhibit in Morgan Dressage classes UNTIL DECEMBER 1, 2003, but not beyond. Morgans with roached manes will NOT be allowed to cross enter into other Morgan classes such as Morgan Hunter Pleasure or Morgan Carriage classes.

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