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UPHA Young Professionals Launch the "$10 for 12" Campaign

The UPHA Young Professionals have linked arms with Nancy Becker in hopes of raising money for the UPHA Foundation. Each UPHA Young Professional Chapter representative is selling "$10 for 12" cards and will be asking for you to contribute $10 each month for 12 months or make a one time contribution of $120, both options are 100% tax deductible. By taking part in our campaign, you will be contributing to the following UPHA Foundation programs:

UPHA Open Gate Learning Center
UPHA Ribbons of Service
UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup
UPHA Maria Knight Scholarship Fund
UPHA Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund
UPHA National Conference

Please contact your local UPHA Young Professional Chapter representative listed below and make a 100% tax deductible contribution to the UPHA today. Your contribution would be so very much appreciated!

National Co-Chair
Andrea Harry

National Co-Chair
Alex Gravett

Chapter 1
Whitney Anderson

Chapter 2
Erin Cummings

Chapter 3/4
Keen Behringer

Chapter 5
Jana Gonzales

Chapter 6/7
Avery Scheurich

Chapter 8/17
Lindsay Dasher

Chapter 9
Caitlin Cooper (and Alex Gravett)

Chapter 10
Brittany Balagna Nystedt

Chapter 11
Sarah Barclay

Chapter 12
Matt Lightner

Chapter 13
Elise Hagenow

Chapter 14 Co-Representative
Nason Bastarache

Chapter 14 Co-Representative
Teresa Rosa

Chapter 15
Alicia Owens

Chapter 16
Sarah Russell

Chapter 18
Katy Sterba

Chapter 19
Kayla Wooters

Chapter 20
Caitie Ilich

Chapter 21
Ashley Cook Fletcher

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