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UPHA Riding Program Playbook

We all know the old saying, "A rising tide lifts all boats." With this in mind, the UPHA Young Professionals Committee requests your time in filling out this questionnaire. UPHA is developing a "Riding Program Playbook" to share best practices and great ideas from established instructors and riding program managers with up and coming programs across the country. 
We hope this initiative serves as a catalyst for growth and a valuable resource for an entire generation of equine professionals, as well as our entire industry. Please share any and all ideas, tips and tactics for any or all questions. Even one tip may prove valuable to someone, and we greatly appreciate your time in sharing your knowledge. 
Responses will be compiled and edited into book form by UPHA, with contributors recognized at the end of the book. Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge for the growth and betterment of our industry and our sport.

To take this quick survey please click on the following link: UPHA Riding Program Playbook
Responses may also be returned to your local UPHA Chapter representative for the Young Professionals Committee, or to Katy Sterba at: [email protected]

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