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UPHA Revises Its Horse/Pony of the Year Program

The Board of Directors of the UPHA is please to announce the newly revised and exciting new UPHA Horse/Pony of The Year Awards program for 2006.

As always, any current Active, Associate or Junior member of the UPHA is welcome to nominate any horse or pony that meets the criteria to the UPHA Horse/Pony of The Year Award. You do not have to own or train the horse in order to nominate it…..if there’s a horse or pony out there that you like and think deserves to be recognized at the UPHA Convention in January 2007, just fill out a nomination form and send it into the UPHA Office no later than
November 1st, 2006.

The new rules for this year include that a horse/pony must participate in at least four (4) shows, entering the same class and division which the horse/pony is to be nominated, during the same calendar year. In previous years, you had to qualify for these awards by showing in Stakes or Championships in the division in which you wish to be nominated, and now it has been revised to having to show your horse at least 4 times….not just in Stakes and Championship classes, but any class in the division in which you are nominating the horse or pony. Also, Two, Three and Four Year Old horses/ponies are considered Open horses/ponies and can be nominated in the Open divisions.

All Nomination Forms must be postmarked and mailed to the UPHA, on or before November 1st of each year. The UPHA American Royal National Championship or The Morgan Grand National can be used as qualifying shows. You must indicate on your nomination form, your intentions to show at these shows.

Only the Classes and Divisions currently used by the UPHA for Horse/Pony of The Year awards will be used for Nominations. Those Divisions and Classes are listed on the back of the Nomination Form.

Trainers and Owners of all UPHA Horse/Pony of the year Nominated animals must be current members of the UPHA.

As Nomination Forms are received in the office, the horse/pony will be placed on a list according to Class and Division. After November 1st, a Ballot containing each nominated and qualified animal will be printed and mailed to all Active UPHA members, for their vote. All Ballots must be returned to the UPHA postmarked on or before December 1st of each year. The Class winners will be determined directly from these Ballots and the owner of the winning horse/pony, in each Class, will be notified prior to the Convention. The Class Awards will be presented during a Horse of the Year Awards Luncheon on Friday at the Annual Convention….this is a new event at the Convention this year.

Each of the forty-three (43) Class winners automatically becomes eligible for the UPHA Horse/Pony of The Year Division Award in their respective division. Ballots will be distributed to all Active and Associate UPHA members, present at the Horse of the Year Awards Luncheon. The results of that Vote will determine the eleven (11) UPHA Horse/Pony of the year Division Champions and will be presented during the Saturday evening banquet at the Annual Convention.

Nomination forms will be mailed to all current UPHA Active, Associate and Junior members near the end of September…..look for them in your mail and be sure to nominate your favorite contender for the UPHA Horse/Pony of the Year Awards.

If you should have any questions regarding the UPHA Horse/Pony of The Year Awards program, please contact the UPHA Office at (859) 231-5070, or email    


Registered Name of Horse/Pony: ___________________________________________________

Registration Number: _______________________________________________________________

Owner’s Name(s):____________________________________________________________________

Owner’s UPHA Membership Number:________________________________________________

Nominator’s Name:__________________________________________________________________

Trainer’s Name:_____________________________________________________________________

Trainer’s UPHA Membership Number:_______________________________________________

Division of Nomination:_____________________________________________________________

(Please see the back of this form for official divisions. If you wish to nominate the same horse in 2 divisions, you must fill out another nomination form for that division.)

Name of Horse Show and Class Shown In:

1.________________________________________ ____________________________________

2.________________________________________ ____________________________________

3.________________________________________ ____________________________________

4.________________________________________ ____________________________________

Name and Phone number of person to contact in case of questions regarding this nomination:________________________________________________________________

This form must be complete and returned to the UPHA office postmarked on or before November 1st to be included on the final ballot for voting.

Questions?? E-mail  


Saddlebred Five-Gaited
*Junior Exhibitor

Saddlebred Three-Gaited
*Junior Exhibitor
Open Park
Amateur Park

Saddlebred Fine Harness

Saddlebred Pleasure
*Junior Exhibitor
*Pleasure Driving
*Country Pleasure Driving
*Adult Country Pleasure Saddle
*Juvenile Country Pleasure Saddle
*Open Western Pleasure

Roadster Horse

Hackney Pony

Harness Pony

Roadster Pony

Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving

Morgan Park Horse
Open Park Saddle
*Ladies, Amateur, Juvenile

Morgan Park Saddle
Open Park Harness
*Ladies, Amateur,
Juvenile Park Harness

Morgan Pleasure Horse
*Open English Pleasure
*Classic Pleasure
*Open Pleasure Driving
*Classic Pleasure Driving
*Ladies, Amateur, Juvenile Pleasure Saddle
*Ladies, Amateur, Juvenile Pleasure Harness

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