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UPHA Now Accepting Nominations for Lifetime Achievement Awards

The UPHA is seeking nominations for the 2020 UPHA Larry Bacon Lifetime Achievement and Alvin C. Ruxer Lifetime Commitment Awards. These awards are given for many years of involvement and service to our industry. Nominations are due by October 30, 2020. The descriptions of each award are below. Click on the award titles for list of previous award winners.

Larry Bacon Lifetime Achievement Award
The UPHA Larry Bacon Lifetime Achievement Award is reserved for a few very special people whose deeds and actions, over many years of involvement in the show horse sport, have consistently demonstrated their integrity, unselfishness, sportsmanship and competitive spirit. They are persons highly respected by their peers as leaders not followers. They are people who display an unconditional love for horses and who have shown a genuine concern for the betterment and advancement of the show horse industry by dedicating themselves to that end. They further feel a responsibility as custodians and “keepers” of the show horse breeds and can always be counted upon, to have the best interest of these breeds at heart. They are innovators, can be movers and shakers or people who are happy making a great impact from behind the scenes. All, so honored, will have one thing in common; our show horse world is a better place because of them. Those selected may be Trainers, Breeders, Owners, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Show Managers or simply people with a true appreciation of these horses and ponies we all love. To be considered for this award is to be paid the highest of compliments, to receive it is to receive the highest of honors.

Alvin C. Ruxer Lifetime Commitment Award
The UPHA Alvin C. Ruxer Lifetime Commitment Award recognizes the dedicated service and support of an UPHA Associate Member. Named for Alvin C. Ruxer, whose generous financial and personal commitment afforded the UPHA the opportunity to realize its formation, the recipient of the Award is someone who embodies that same commitment. The recipient has shown a lifetime of dedication to the UPHA's mission, goals and programs. The recipient has participated in the UPHA; its various breed organizations and its programs for numerous years. The recipient has supported the UPHA's members, missions, goals and programs in order to see the UPHA succeed and grow.

All nominations must be in writing explaining why the nominee is deserving of a specific award. The deadline for submission of nominations for these awards is October 30, 2020. Nominations may be mailed to UPHA, 4059 Iron Works Parkway, Suite 2, Lexington, KY 40511, faxed to (859) 255-2774 or emailed to [email protected] (please include “Award Nomination” in the subject line).

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