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UPHA Convention News

Casino Boat Party
The UPHA Associates are sponsoring an excursion on The Sun Cruz Casino Boatleaving at 5:45 PM on Thursday evening, Jan. 9th at eh UPHA Convention in Tampa. The boat goes out into international waters and returns to dock at 12:30. Round trip bus transportation, buffet dinner, live entertainment and dancing are provided all for &25 so come join the fun. Everyone at the convention is invited.
Constructive Evaluation of Judging and How to Increase the Judging Pool!!!
That is the topic of the UPHA Associate's open discussion from 9:00 to 10:00 am on Friday, Jan. 10th. Some of those on the panel are Donna Moore, Karen Fish (USAE), Fern Bittner, Lana Gilpin, and Nelson Gaker.
Steps to Becoming a Licensed Judge and How to Put on a Better Horse Show by Learning What a Show Secretary and Manager Does.
The UPHA Associates and USA Equestrian have parnershiped to do a sec/manager workshop and also to offer to those whø are interested in becoming a judge help in understanding and getting through the program. This is open to everyone so please come to Tampa and take part.

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