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UPHA Classics Incentive Yearling Sale

              UPHA Staff                                            Hale Arena

A big crowd gathered early Friday morning in Hale Arena at the American Royal complex for the UPHA Classics Incentive Yearling Sale. Before the sale started, everyone enjoyed a buffet breakfast graciously sponsored by Sarah and Landon Rowland.


                                 Landon and Sarah Rowland

What sets this sale apart, besides the outstanding quality of consigned yearlings, is that all horses sold through the sale are eligible for extra incentive money when they show as three-year-olds at the UPHA Classics Finals.


In fact, it was announced that five of the entries shown on Thursday night in the UPHA Classics Championships were eligible for a share of the incentives fund, having sold as yearlings in the 2003 sale. Three of those five horses shared $21,000, earning $7,000 apiece over and above the regular Classics payout. The DeLovely entry of General Spirit won $7,000 in the Fine Harness final with a 7th place finish. Coco Royale, owned by Bonnie Lee and shown by Tre Lee, earned an extra $7,000 with a 2nd place finish in the Three-Gaited final. Roseridge Posted Note took the $7,000 incentive with a 4th place finish in the Five-Gaited final for owner/rider Martin Cockriel. Like the Grand National program, a horse doesn’t have to win its class in order to earn the extra dollars.     

  Jim Aikman, Walt Robertson, Peter Fenton           My Ultimatum

Thirty-eight yearlings were consigned with thirty-five going through the sale. After starting a little slow, like many sales, the crowd woke up when lot #8 came in. Bids quickly rose for My Ultimatum, a gorgeous chestnut gelding by CH Will Shriver son Ultimatum and out a good CH Caramac daughter. He was the sale topper for John T. and Nancy Trent Jones with Lynn Via of Fox Grape Farm making the purchase for $110,000.


A second colt consigned by the Joneses brought the third highest price, $42,000. Our Excalibur is by Our Charm and out of a CH King of Highpoint daughter. He stays in Missouri with new owner Hollett Farm and Stables.   

               Our Excalibur

Harry Hartsock "snuck in" with a Star Material colt, Walterway’s Believe In Me, to keep the Joneses from having the top two consignments. Bringing $43,000, this big-moving, handsome colt is a full brother to 2005 Ladies Five-Gaited WC Walterway’s Remember Me. In the 38th spot and final spot, he ended the sale on a high note. Walterway’s Believe In Me goes home to Kentucky with new owner John Conatser.

                                          Walterway's Believe In Me

Complete sale figures and totals follow:

Horse’s Name & #                                               Purchase Price      Purchased By:
Hip #1-­ Out In Dixie                                             OUT
Hip #2 - My Flaming Silhouette                        $2,200                    Jimmy Robertson, KY
Hip #3 - Moonlight on Broadway                     $1,200                     Paul Engel, MN
Hip #4 - Celebrity Item                                        $2,000                     Raymond Shively, IN
Hip #5 - I’m All Shook Up                                  $2,200                     Martin Cockriel, CO
Hip #6 - Walterway's Dainty Miss                    $1,300                     M/M Paul Briney, IL
Hip #7 - Call It In The Air                                   $1,500                     Marlene LaFleur, WI
Hip #8 - My Ultimatum                                        $110,000                 Lynn Via, VA
Hip #9 -­ What A Storm                                       No Sale
Hip #10 - Sue's Miss Boomerang                      $1,700                     James Langley, MO
Hip #11 - The Gal Next Door                              $800                        Michael & Jackie Wessel, MO
Hip #12 - Our Gentleman Jack                            $5,000                     Mercer Springs Farm, WV
Hip #13 - Stonecroft Royal Vintage                  $7,500                     Zodiac Partnership, NM
Hip #14 - Photographs And Memories            $4,000                     Chuck Herbert, IN
Hip #15 - Walterway's Yepa                               $2,200                     Nina Pointer & Terry Edens, MO
Hip #16 - Unprecedented                                    $3,000                     Matt Shiflet, WV
Hip #17 ­- Gallant Charm                                      OUT                            
Hip #18 - Our Excalibur                                        $42,000                   Hollett Farm & Stables, MO
Hip #19 -­ Asked And Answered                       No Sale
Hip #20 ­- Gotcha By Golly                                  No Sale
Hip #21 - A Sanctuary                                         No Sale
Hip #22 - Unlaced                                                No Sale
Hip #23 ­- The Rev                                                No Sale
Hip #24 ­- What Say You                                     No Sale
Hip #25 - A Charming Sensation                       $13,000                   Peter or Kim Cowart, NC
Hip #26 - Pi's Rememberance                             $6,000                     Nina Pointer & Terry Edens, MO
Hip #27 - Moving Out                                         $22,000                   Robert Grom, NJ
Hip #28 -­ Silver Exchange                                   OUT
Hip #29 - Burberry                                               No Sale
Hip #30 - Unstated                                               $2,500                     Caroline Skinner, NE
Hip #31 ­- Spark’s Flame                                      No Sale
Hip #32 - I'm With The Band                              $15,000                   Michelle Hartman, MO
Hip #33 - Prince In The Park                               $14,000                   Joellen Fisher Blount, CT
Hip #34 - Eve Dallas                                            $9,500                     Meadowview Farm, NJ
Hip #35 - Cavalli                                                   $30,000                   Jean Gillespie, IL
Hip #36 - Arianna's Song                                    $35,000                   Glenn A. Werry, Jr., IL
Hip #37 - Come Rain or Come Shine                 $10,500                   Elizabeth Worley, MO
Hip #38 - Walterway's Believe In Me               $43,000                   John Conatser, KY

Sale Gross = $389,955                                          38 Head X $500 Entry Fee = $19,000

10% Sale Proceeds = $38,995                             Average Price = $14,400

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