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UPHA Chapter 5 Sponsors Additional Prize Money at Royal

UPHA Chapter 5 will sponsor added Prize Money for 2012 UPHA Classics Sale Yearling Grads at the 2013 UPHA/American Royal National Championship Horse Show:

American Saddlebred Yearlings purchased through the 2012 sale will be eligible this November at the 2013 UPHA American Royal National Championship Horse Show to compete for added prize money sponsored by UPHA Chapter 5.

UPHA Chapter 5 has sponsored $1,000 in Additional Prize Money at 2013 UPHA American Royal National Championship Horse Show in each of the Two-Year-Old Performance Classes, for Yearling Graduates of the 2012 UPHA Incentive Sale.

The Sale Grad that places highest in each of the UPHA American Royal Two-Year-Old Performance Classes: Two-Year-Old Five-Gaited, Two-Year-Old Three-Gaited and Two-Year-Old Fine Harness, will be awarded an additional $1,000 from UPHA Chapter 5.

The UPHA Classics Sale is "WHERE BUYERS WIN", so bring your Two-Year-Old Sale Grad and have an opportunity to win an additional $1,000.

Thank you UPHA Chapter 5 for your additional sponsorship!

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